Adoration Chapel Renovation

Adoration Chapel

Adoration Chapel Renovation Ps Final  Colorized"Adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has been a long-standing ministry of our parish, what better way to honor Him?" The renovation of the Adoration Chapel needs to reflect our deep love for the Lord and be our votive offering to Him. As we have completed our renovation of the sanctuary we can echo the beauty with renovating the Chapel.

  • New Marble Standing Altar
  • Electrical Work/Lighting
  • New Curtains
  • Refresh and Clean the Monstrance
  • Increased Security

You can make your donation by CLICKING HERE! (you can choose a one-time gift or recurring giving!)

If you prefer a check or cash you can stop by the parish office simply place your donation in the collection basket clearly marked "Chapel Renovation"

A Jesuit priest once said: “The presence of Catholic art in the home doesn’t prove anything but it says a lot; the absence of Catholic art in the home doesn’t prove anything, but it says a lot.” That’s true of Catholic homes and it’s true of Catholic parishes. Yet beauty (or its absence) not only “says a lot”—it does a lot. Beautiful arts nourish the soul even as they prompt us to hunger for Heaven, where Beauty itself resides.

Let's make the Chapel say a lot about how we Worship Our King!

Dear Friends,

Many have been asking what our next renovation project might be. I understand that there is still much that needs to be done. After taking some time for

prayerful reflection I believe that our next effort needs to be the renovation of the Adoration Chapel. The adoration of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has been a long-standing ministry of our parish. What better way to honor Him?

It has been my desire to renovate the Adoration Chapel and now is the time to undertake this

effort. I trust that the Lord is pleased when we come into His presence to spend time with Him.

The ‘Adoration Chapel’ needs to reflect our deep love for the Lord and be our votive offering to Him.

My hope is that we undertake this renovation in a similar way as the sanctuary in the Church so that there is consistency and the two complement one another. The beauty of the sanctuary will echo the beauty of the Adoration Chapel.

In a practical way, this will require a new marble standing altar for the monstrance. There will also be some necessary electrical work to provide for extra lighting for the new altar. In addition, I envision perhaps new curtains, the need to refresh and clean the beautiful monstrance and new candlesticks. Lastly, I wish to address the better security of the adoration chapel.

It is hard to estimate the cost of the renovation of the Adoration Chapel but my hope is to raise about $80,000.00. I trust that we will use wisely any donations for this project and any extra funds will be dedicated for the continued improvements and maintenance of our Church.

I am pleased to inform you that $6,500.00 has already been donated to our ‘Adoration Chapel Renovation Fund’. I appeal to all of you to prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift to this effort knowing that the Lord will bless our generosity.

Please designate any gift to the ‘Adoration Chapel Renovation’ so that we may acknowledge your gift.

With God’s Blessings,
Fr. Stanley


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This is the wonderful truth, my dear friends: the Word, which became flesh two thousand years ago is present today in the Eucharist.
St John Paul II
Many people nowadays say, ‘I wish I could see his shape, his appearance, his clothes, his sandals.’ Only look! You see him! You touch him! You eat him!”
St John Chrysostom
When you look at the crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you then. When you look at the Sacred Host, you understand how much Jesus loves you now.
St Teresa of Calcutta
We must always have courage, and if some spiritual languor comes upon us, let us run to the feet of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and let us place ourselves in the midst of the heavenly perfumes, and we will undoubtedly regain our strength.

St. Padre Pio