Why Sacraments?

What's up with Sacraments? Find out by listening to the 24-minute audio presentation above.

What the Saints say about the Sacraments

The Sacraments are the salvation of those who use them rightly, and the damnation of those who misuse them. 
- St. Augustine

No one is sanctified except him who is united to the Church. 
- St. Prosper of Aquitaine 

The Church is built on the rock of Peter, and he who eats the Lamb outside this holy dwelling is reprobate .. .He who eats the Lamb outside this Apostolic See has no part with God! 
- Bl. Pope Pius IX 
Whoever eats the Lamb outside this House is profane. 
- St. Jerome   


Sophia SketchPad: Baptism


Sophia Sketchpad: Confession

Holy Eucharist

Sophia SketchPad: The Eucharist


Sophia SketchPad: Confirmation

Holy Matrimony (Marriage)

Sophia Sketchpad: Marriage

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